The VAM² SL combines efficiency with a playful bike character. This light e-MTB will make you forget switching on your motor. And you won't even notice right away. Because every input you give is immediately transformed into forward movement. This is due to a flex pivot rear triangle that merges optimal flex behaviour and lightweight carbon layup. The kinematics will make you pace up hills while also giving you courage to descend fast due to its downhill capabilities. On top, this design gives the VAM² SL its seamless look that is completed by small details like an integrated headset cover and our upgraded cockpit solutions. Thanks to 130/125 mm travel and its direct handling, the VAM² SL makes you enjoy your home terrain in a new way, more like a giant pump track. Although it is a trail bike, the VAM² SL falls under Bike Classification 4. It is powered by the FAZUA Ride 60 e-drive unit, which provides a natural ride feeling, and comes with a 430 Wh battery. The VAM² SL is your e-MTB for more speed and smiles on your rides.

Super light e-MTB for more speed on your rides

The VAM² SL is an e-MTB that will make you forget switching on your motor. And you won’t even notice right away. It enables you to go faster than actually planned. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke, this trail bike scales up your motivation. And with it your capabilities. Because every input you give is immediately transformed into forward movement. The efficiency of the VAM² SL and its intuitive handling will make you go beyond the usual 25 km/h e-bike speed.

After pacing up the hill, the fun continues straight away as you head into the trail. The VAM² SL gives you courage to descend fast as well due to its downhill capabilities. The nimble and agile bike character makes you play in a different way than usual. Navigating twists and turns, taking that momentum out of the corner and into the next section.

The VAM² SL isn’t defined by a specific terrain, but it defines your way of riding. Direct and playful for more speed and smiles on your rides. And then doing all of that again on your next lap.

The VAM² SL – feels like a MTB with all benefits of an e-bike.

Looks and rides like a MTB

Light and slim frame design

The rear triangle was a key element when developing our VAM² SL. To design a carbon rear end with the ideal combination of optimal flex behaviour and lightweight carbon layup, we evaluated different suspension layouts. After running heaps of iteration loops, we engineered a kinematics solution that makes the VAM² SL feel efficient and vivid on and off the trail.

Light and slim frame design

With our new flex pivot design, we were able to reduce the amount of frame material, bearings, and bolts. This results in our lightest e-MTB frame: the MAX carbon frame of our 9. series tips the scale at 2,172 g, while our 8. series frame weighs 2,545 g (both frames size M, including linkage and bolts). On top, it gives the rear triangle its seamless look.

Light and slim frame design

The clean design of our VAM² SL continues at the down tube, as the fully integrated battery ensures a slim look while further reducing weight. The head tube area with an integrated headset cover finishes off the clean silhouette as frame and cockpit seem to merge into one.

Training made easy and fun

Thanks to the e-drive system, you will cover more distance and ride more trails in the same time. With its 125 mm suspension platform and direct handling, the VAM² SL makes you enjoy your home terrain in a new way. Your usual trail will feel different, more like being on a giant pump track. The result: better riding skills and endless fun.

Training made easy and fun

Besides, you can make most of the FAZUA system by connecting it with your bike computer. It allows you to monitor cadence and power output for purposeful training. Combined with the efficient e-support, it is easier than ever to precisely ride at your performance threshold, keeping your heart rate at the perfect level for aerobic training sessions.

Training made easy and fun

You don't want or need any rest days. Because you will find yourself riding your bike on days that would usually keep you away from it. And the VAM² SL makes it all happen.

Efficient FAZUA e-drive

The light and efficient FAZUA Ride 60 makes you feel like having your legs best day. With 60 Nm torque and a maximum power output of 450 W, it pushes you forward while providing the feeling of a natural ride with minimal noise distractions. The drive system features three riding modes and an additional boost function that briefly increases the power output.

Efficient FAZUA e-drive

You can also individualize the motor support via the FAZUA App by setting parameters like Max Power, Support Relation and Ramp-up based on your preferences. This way, the e-drive always offers what you need: from a gentle tailwind on long weekend rides to a powerful push on fast-paced afterwork trail fun.

Efficient FAZUA e-drive

The integrated battery can be charged via the charging port at the seat tube. You will be surprised how far 430 Wh will take you. Worst case, the VAM² SL’s efficiency and lightweight also allow you to pedal home with an empty battery. If you still want more, FAZUA will offer a range extender with 210 Wh.

Integration done right

Our C.I.S. 2.0 MTB stem, the updated version of our previous C.I.S. (Cockpit Integration Solution), simplifies adjustments of your cockpit setup and completes the clean look of our VAM² SL. All cables run directly into the frame below the stem, so you don’t have to open brake lines or shifting cables when changing the height of your cockpit.

Integration done right

Our VAM² SL 9.0 and 9.9 debut the new MTB One Piece SL Cockpit, a full carbon stem handlebar combination that is as light as it is beautiful. It can also be bought separately (Art.Nr. 210002600) if you would like to enhance your existing FOCUS bike. Please note that this is only possible for bikes with integrated cable routing and acros headset.

Integration done right

Both VAM² SL cockpits can be equipped with a computer and action camera mount to keep record of your ride statistics or create long-lasting memories. To make sure the VAM² SL stands the test of time, we equipped the headset with two additional integrated protection seals to preserve the bearings even better.

Everything well protected

We have developed extensive frame protection for areas that are more exposed to external impacts, such as the down tube and chainstay. A customized mud flap on top of the chainstay yoke protects the area between the front and rear triangle from any dirt.

If you want to preserve your new carbon frame well into the future, you can use our dedicated sticker set that comes along with the VAM² SL. It includes stickers for chainstay, seat stay, seat tube, and down tube.

Everything well protected

Our chain guide gives you an extra sense of courage, ensuring that your chain won’t drop while you master rough trail sections and, thus, avoiding unnecessary stops in between.

Additionally, the minimized maintenance requirements at your rear triangle due to our flex pivot design and fewer bearings ensure less wear and tear of your VAM² SL.

Tested and ready for even more

Although the VAM² SL is a trail bike with 130 mm travel, it falls under Bike Classification 4.

If you fancy more travel, the VAM² SL is ready to cope with your enduro attitude. It allows mounting a 140 mm fork with a maximum length of 554 mm. The longer fork results in a 0.5° slacker head angle compared to the standard head angle settings of 65.5° and 66.5°, making your VAM² SL even more capable when descending.

Tested and ready for even more

Besides, it is made for a total system weight (bike, rider, and equipment) of 135 kg.

Minimising weight was our main goal when designing the VAM² SL. However, we never sacrifice our high and above industry testing standards.


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4 Items

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