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Your legs are burning and lungs screaming in the cold air. For those filthy and muddy days, FOCUS has the perfect companion. So light that it’s carried with ease. So fast that it’s the choice of pros. So robust it won’t let you down. The MARES is packed with 25 years of cyclocross tradition. You’re prepared.


The MARES was developed purely for use as a cyclocross bike. It is robust and has been optimised to handle extreme demands such as mud and snow. But, at the same time, it’s also very lightweight so it can overcome obstacles.

You’re prepared to defy the elements


Years of feedback from pro riders have led the MARES to become what it is today: the reference for cyclocross bikes, the industry standard for cyclecross performance.


The line between victory and defeat is often minimal. Our CX chainguide ensures your chain stays on and your race can be won.


Easier, faster. Thanks to our patented R.A.T thru-axle, wheel changes take less than 10 seconds.

Introducing Joe Connell

Joe Connell lives up in St Andrews, Scotland and has been using his MARES for training for the 2017 EWS season. He was telling his friends from ESCAPADE7 about how much fun riding the bike in the sand was. No sooner said than done they spent 2 days shooting in the dunes and forest next to the beach in St Andrews showing off just how fast and capable the bike is. The highlight is jumping a 15ft sand dune.

Introducing Joe Connell

Tapered headtube

The tapered head tube increases the headset stiffness while also reducing the steering weight.

R.A.T. stands for Rapid Axle Technology. This is the first thru-axle system to combine the stability and lateral stiffness of a floating axle with extremely fast wheel changes. The patented system is available for all road bike and cyclocross models with disc brakes, as well as on our race MTBs FOCUS O1E and Raven.

Internal cable routing

The cables and hydraulic lines are routed inside the frame for protection, creating a neat look and extending the service life of the lines for perfect gear shifting and braking at all times.

BB Pressfit 30

Pressfit 30 combines the benefits of the BB30 and Pressfit bottom brackets. Pressfit 30 features a preassembled seal in the cups to further prolong the bearing life.


To ensure that all bike sizes offer the same level of quality, all frame sizes on offer are designed individually. This Stable Stiffness Per Size (SSPS) production method ensures that all sizes provide the perfect ratio of weight to stiffness.

6 years carbon warranty

Thanks to ongoing checks and the use of the latest manufacturing methods, we can offer the very best carbon quality with a long service life. For this reason, we can offer a 6-year manufacturer's warranty on all FOCUS carbon frames and forks.

Fist bumping tortour

Tortour. A name that Fabian Scholz and Max Hilger simply could not misinterpret. Nonetheless, the cyclocross stage race turned out to surpass their worst expectations. It was a story full of muck, pain and friendship.

Fist bumping tortour

Team Attaquer

New Team Attaquer already have a lot of races in the books as Australian Cyclocross season starts early in the year. Tom Chapman and Chris Aitken, calling themselves - you know why - the Beard and the Glasses, are now touring through the US. We had the chance to get some insights on the US racing scene, personal bike setup and the differences to Australia?

Team Attaquer

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