When we talk about our inner children, we also have to talk about ourselves as kids. What did we do and what made us become who we are today?


We dug a bit deeper and asked the boys that never stopped playing about their childhood. Watch Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin telling their story of how they became who they are today.


We browsed through old photo albums and found great moments and memories. We saw little versions of us. We discovered similarities, but also differences. We realized what we lost all the way and what we miss today. It made us think. It's definitely not about getting sentimental, but we see it as a reminder to reflect on what's important in life and what is not.

Why do we envy kids? Because they totally get lost in the moment. Forgetting about time, forgetting about everything. We envy them for their curiosity and fantasy as well as for their lack of fear, feeling risks differently.

We are who we were as kids: artists, dreamers, diggers, racers, builders... you name it! But one thing is for sure: your inner child will stay forever. You may hide it, but it is still there. So we asked ourselves:

What would our 10-year old versions think about us today?
"Well, you might have become a bit stuffy... but you can bike at work every day and practise wheelies in the evening. But dude, Dad still has to watch your back?!"

Inner child of Martin, Brand Manager

"Oh wow, you can ride really fast now. Can you do a trick?"

Inner child of Fabian, Lead Engineer

"What a nice bike... Hopefully you're as brave as I am. You're not?! Come on, pull yourself together. You can do it!

Inner child of Ulrike, Graphic Designer

"Wow, still rulin' the roads. Street credibility since 1985, I'm proud of you. But where has your hair gone?"

Inner child of Marc, Brand Manager

"Now and then ... nothing has changed: Still steezin' wherever you can. Keep up that spirit!"

Inner child of Mario, Lead Design Engineer

"Do you still have to wear your older brother's clothes? I hope, at least your bike is new. Appreciate that!"

Inner child of Moritz, Brand Director

"I see, you're still a day-dreamer. But wtf is this to-do list on your desk for? Chill, man, and enjoy every moment!"

Inner child of Max, Content Lead

Now, it's time for you to do the same:

Check your albums and find all these little dust-covered gems that are hidden behind cupboard doors. Go find yourself and dive into the carefree moments of childhood.


If you like, share these moments with us. Tag us (@focusbikes) on Instagram and use the hashtag #foryourinnerchild. We would love to see your mini versions and how you are doing today. Best case, we see split pictures of you as a kid and nowadays (on your bike). Maybe you even want to visit the place where the original picture was shot like our Brand Manager Martin did.

Don't forget to hop on your bike and release your inner child. Get back to the attitude of only doing what you enjoy. Just have fun!