Optimal ventilation for the integrated battery


Optimal ventilation for the integrated battery


The AIRFLOW system provides optimal ventilation for the integrated battery, and fresh, cool air flows through the Airflow intakes into the down tube where the battery is installed. Heat produced is removed through this air flow via the down tube.

Airflow 1
Airflow 2

To guarantee the highest standards, the AIRFLOW system was tested in the climatic chamber at the German Aerospace Centre (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)), as well as off-road over numerous test kilometres.

Airflow 3

. Battery ventilation through AIRFLOW intakes

Functional design

Integrated cable routing


Trail-oriented geometry

Low centre of gravity for perfect handling on the trail

Sufficient space for ideal kinematics thanks to the small motor

Uphill flow due to the optimum bottom bracket position

Compact design

Q factor of 177mm

Bikes with AIRFLOW


Back to the Enduro core

170 mm suspension travel

F.O.L.D. full suspension

27.5" wheels


More mountains, more trails, more excitement

140 mm suspension travel (factory model with 150 mm suspension fork)

F.O.L.D. full suspension

27+ or 29" wheels/tyres


More trail with E-hardtail

120 mm suspension fork

extra-wide 27+ tyres

Range can be doubled thanks to an additional external battery