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Frequently Ask Questions


Are FOCUS E-bikes also available?

Yes, the FOCUS product portfolio has included sporty E-bikes since 2012. The FOCUS E-MTB models are designed for challenging terrain on difficult trails, the E-Cross models for relaxed fitness training and the E-Trekking models for daily commutes or holiday tours. More information on the individual FOCUS E-bike categories and models can be found here.


Does Focus also offer framesets?

Yes, the FOCUS product portfolio also includes framesets. In 2015, you can buy the following models, as well as the complete bikes, from your specialist dealer:

Izalco MAX 0.0, Izalco MAX 1.0 DI2, Cayo 1.0, Cayo 3.0 Disc, Izalco Chrono MAX 1.0, Mares CX 1.0 Disc and Mares CX 3.0.

Information on the frames can be found on our website under the individual models and in the catalogue.


How do I find out the prices of the individual FOCUS models?

FOCUS is a brand for specialist dealers and models are distributed exclusively via specialist dealers. Therefore, FOCUS only quotes the recommended retail prices. More precise information on prices is available from your specialist dealer.




Where can I find explanations of the FOCUS technologies?

You can find an overview of all technologies and more detailed explanations here (link). When you select a model, you will be shown information about which technologies are used on which FOCUS bikes. Select the "Technology" tab under the general product information. This tab provides an overview of the most important technologies used in this model, as well as a brief explanation. For more detailed information, select the "To technology" button.





Where can I find the latest FOCUS catalogue?


Where can I find the available frame sizes?

On our website, you can find the "Geometry" tab under the general product information for each FOCUS bike. This tab contains information on the available frame sizes and the full geometry data for the particular model.


Where can I find the frame geometry for a particular bike?

Once you have selected your desired FOCUS model, you will see the "Geometry" tab under the general product information. Here you will find the full geometry data for the particular model.


Where can I find the user manual for my bike?


How can I get spare parts for my FOCUS bike?

You can get spare parts from your specialist dealer.


How can I find the model year and the exact specifications of my old FOCUS bike?

You can find models and their exact specifications for the current and previous season versions on the FOCUS website.


Can I buy FOCUS bikes directly online?

As a brand for specialist dealers, FOCUS sells all bikes exclusively via specialist dealers. There isn't a separate FOCUS online shop. You can find a dealer near you in our dealer search.


In which countries is FOCUS represented?

FOCUS is available at specialist dealers in over 60 countries worldwide. You can find a dealer near you or further afield with the help of our dealer search.


How can I find a dealer near me?

Simply enter your post code or place of residence in the dealer search to find a specialist FOCUS dealer in your area.


Where can I find the frame number/serial number/article number of my bike?

The frame number can be found on the underside of the bottom bracket. You will also find a silver quality sticker in the bottom bracket area of all models, with two nine-digit number sequences. The top number sequence is preceded by the letters "sn". This is the factory order number (serial number). The second number sequence is preceded by the letters "pn". This is the article number, which starts with 620…… for all 2015 models. The model names are attached to the frame as décors.


Where can I buy FOCUS clothing?

FOCUS clothing and accessories are available from the online shop at or from your local specialist dealer.




Was my bike made in Germany?

All FOCUS bikes are based on German engineering. The entire development process is carried out at our German locations in accordance with our philosophy of "German Engineered", thereby ensuring top quality results. When producing FOCUS bikes, we rely on international collaboration with the best production companies in the world.



Which company is behind FOCUS?

FOCUS is part of Derby Cycle, the largest bike manufacturer in Germany and the third-largest in Europe. The company headquarters and production facilities are located in Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony.


What does FOCUS stand for?

Our philosophy is "German Engineered", and all of our activities focus on the three guiding principles of passion, performance and perfection. You can find more information about us here.


Where are FOCUS bikes made?

The FOCUS philosophy is "German Engineered". German engineering is an international quality guarantee. That's why we consistently use top-class design and outstanding technologies in all of our models, which the FOCUS engineers achieve at our German development sites thanks to constant further development that keeps them ahead of the competition. The unique FOCUS bikes are then created in collaboration with international production partners.




How does FOCUS test frames and components?

For our engineers and product managers, the issue of safety is paramount. FOCUS has its own testing laboratory where tests are carried out on the impact resistance, fatigue resistance, overload resistance and many more aspects from a range of different angles and for frames, components and full bikes, in order to verify compliance with the DIN EN standard and beyond.


How do I optimally set the bike fork and shock of my FOCUS bike?

1. The spring stiffness must be adjusted to the weight of the rider plus equipment (e.g. rucksack, helmet, protective gear etc.) on a daily basis if this is possible.


2. It is important that it is the spring stiffness that is firstly adjusted via the tyre pressure with both the suspension fork and the shock. Only then should the damping be adjusted. Note: With an air-sprung bike fork, the adjustment is carried out via the tyre pressure. With steel, titanium or carbon springs, there is only a limited number of gradations, so the adjustment is carried out using the next suitable spring stiffness.

3. Before making the adjustment, the bike fork must be fully extended (if it has a height-adjustment function). All dampings must also be removed, i.e. the rebound damping must be fully untwisted (quickest rebound), and the pressure stage(s), if available, must also be fully untwisted (quickest compression). This is the only way of ensuring unhindered compression and rebound of the bike fork.

4. To adjust the sag (negative suspension travel), there is usually a rubber ring on the bike fork/shock. If no rubber ring is fitted, you can use a cable tie instead. The sag with bike forks is usually 20 to 30% of the complete suspension travel. With shocks, it is 25 to 30%. Note: Both values depend on your individual usage. But essentially, the following applies: more suspension travel = more sag. A full-suspension race bike is ridden with 15 to 20% sag, whereas an Enduro bike is ridden with 30%. A bit of trial-and-error will help to find the exact setting for you. You'll need to make sure that there is not too little or significantly too much sag.

5. To adjust the setting, the rider needs to be sitting/standing on the bike in riding position, with feet and hands supported solely by the pedals and grips. Ideally, the rider should be assisted by a second person or should roll the bike carefully on the flat without rocking. Note: Before adjusting this position, firstly actuate the compression and rebound quickly and vigorously in order to supply oil to the seals and thereby minimise the initial friction, as otherwise this could produce incorrect results.

6. With the rider positioned on the bike as described, the rubber ring is pushed all the way downwards. The rider should then carefully dismount. The negative suspension travel can now be measured based on the position of the rubber ring or cable tie. 30% means that the rubber ring is at 30% of the total stroke of the fork or the shock.

7. If the bike fork or shock is set to be too soft or too hard, you will need an air pump.

8. With the suspension forks and with the shocks, the adjustment process should be repeated as many times as it takes to get the shock stroke in riding position (i.e. with the rider on the bike) to correspond to the recommended sag (negative suspension travel).

9. When this is the case, you can then adjust the pressure stage (pressure-stage adjustment is not possible on all bikes) and the rebound stage for the damping to fit your riding style. For optimal handling, compression and rebound should not be too fast or too slow. Attention: Before adjusting the rebound stage, the pressure-stage damping should be fully untwisted. When fine-tuning the dampings, only the overall handling should be assessed and re-adjusted.




Who should I contact in the case of complaints or technical problems?

Warranty claims are handled by the specialist FOCUS dealer. If processing or material faults develop on your FOCUS bike within the warranty period, please contact your specialist FOCUS dealer, who will be able to provide you with a new frame or fork. Your specialist dealer will also be able to install the new part for you.


Does FOCUS offer Crash Replacement?

Yes, FOCUS has offered Crash Replacement for carbon frames and forks since production year 2013. The offer comprises a price reduction of 50% of the frameset retail price in the first year following the date of purchase. In the second year following the date of purchase, this price reduction amounts to 30%, and to 20% in the third year. All further details and everything you need to know about the Crash Replacement service can be found here.


What are the terms and conditions of the FOCUS warranty?

The current terms and conditions of the FOCUS warranty can be found here.


I had an accident on my FOCUS bike, and the bike was damaged as a result. Is this type of damage covered by the warranty?

As long as the damage is not caused due to incorrect information or a product error, accidental damage or damage caused by other external factors are excluded from the statutory warranty and the extended warranty. However, if you have registered your bike for FOCUS Crash Replacement, then you may under certain circumstances be entitled to a reduced frameset.

To the terms and conditions of the warranty

To FOCUS Crash Replacement




Where can I register for the warranty extension?

You can register your bike for the extended manufacturer's warranty here.




Who should I send my sponsorship request to?

FOCUS has sponsorship commitments both nationally and internationally, and is represented by strong teams in all performance categories. There are no current plans for any centrally managed expansion or adjustments to these commitments, so we would ask that you refrain from sending any requests for sponsorship. You may be able to find a local sponsorship option by asking your specialist dealer. Please contact your specialist dealer directly for information about this.


Which teams are sponsored by FOCUS?

You can find an overview of FOCUS's current sponsorship commitments here.



Question on FOCUS

I have a question about FOCUS or the company.

If you still have questions about the FOCUS brand itself or about our parent company Derby Cycle, you can contact us here.