asked themselves a question. Is the FOCUS IZALCO MAX Disc the ultimate disc brake-equipped road bike? Sure, it is! The “fast and very comfortable disc-equipped race bike” convinced the testers in every task. They rated the FOCUS Izalco MAX Disc Dura Ace with 4,5 of 5 stars! Especially, because “it's impressively smooth, not just for a race bike, but even compared with bikes that are designed expressly to be comfortable.”

“In fact, this is what is most striking about the new Izalco Max Disc: how it combines the smoothness of an endurance bike with the speed of a race bike. It simply soaks up bumps in the road, yet it's as fast as any other race bike on the market.

It's very refined, there's no choppiness, even on the most scarred road surfaces. From slow speeds to high tempo riding, the Focus provides such composure that you sometimes forget you're on a bike designed for racing. In fact, I'd go as far as saying it's smoother than some so-called endurance bikes. There's a lovely balance to the Focus. In the corners, the Izalco Max Disc reveals direct steering, light and communicative enough to allow minute adjustments mid-corner. There are no quirks. It's light enough to go toe-to-toe with other non-disc road bikes, on the flat or in the hills. It's a very capable bike. More than that, it's a cool bike.”

Conclusion: Is the Focus Izalco Max Disc the ultimate disc brake-equipped race bike then? Right now, yes it is. There's very little competition and it's a massively exciting bike to ride with unsurpassed comfort that belies its racing credentials.

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