"The top-of-the-range model from FOCUS leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and is equipped with only the very highest quality components."

The German magazine "Mountainbike Rider" put our FOCUS SAM Team through its paces in an intensive individual test. The testers were clearly enthusiastic from the word go:

"As soon as we started to take the bike out of the box, one thing immediately became clear: this bullet of a bike exudes racing pedigree above all else. It has an extremely clean look as all the cables are internally routed and its componentry will have any high-end bike aficionado drooling at the mouth, while its carbon frame is quite simply brimming with aggression."

On the trail, too, the whirlwind of enthusiasm continued. Absolutely awesome downhill: "Without wishing to be too over the top with the praise, we must still attest to the downhill qualities of the FOCUS which are, without doubt, unrivalled." Uphill, too, the bike performed superbly: "Whether ascending a steep or moderate gradient, on a SAM C Team you will conquer every climb with a few turns of the pedals, without working up any great sweat." All in all, therefore, an all-round great Enduro. This is how the tester Julian Gerhardt described the bike: "FOCUS has undeniably succeeded in achieving the perfect balance between uphill and downhill enjoyment!"

The testers could hardly contain their expressions of praise for the bike:

"When riding uphill the bike produces satisfying propulsion, then on the downhill it brings you a proper speed rush. The acceleration of the FOCUS is so unbelievable that from time to time we couldn't help but recall the recent electric motor scandal in the world of cross country. Its agility on the trail is truly remarkable and you have to take care to make sure you don't go too fast. Of course this is of enormous advantage on flatter sections too because the speed simply picks up through relaxed pressure and intermittent pedalling. As regards smooth running, the bike performs equally well. As soon as we start descending for the first time, we begin to sense a certain feeling of basic safety such as we usually associate more with our downhill bikes."

Verdict: In terms of its downhill performance, the FOCUS really is red hot. Its smooth running and lightness are really impressive and make it a perfect choice as an "out-of-the-box" competition bike. Its uphill credentials are impressive too.

You can read the complete test report in the May 2016 issue #182 of Mountainbike Rider magazine.

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