Bike radar put the FOCUS RAVEN Factory to an exclusive test. Four out of five stars were the result. But the more interesting is the full story, because the FOCUS RAVEN Factory is quite a special bike. Bike radar even let themselves be carried away into the quote: “The world is a better place because they did [built it].”

“Stomp on the pedals and every single watt of power is fired through the carbon Sram crankset, along the chain and thence to the rear wheel with an urgency that defies metaphor. It’s fast. Really, really fast. Riding local climbs without any particular sense of urgency left us higher up the Strava leaderboard than ever before.

Go at it with intention and no matter how hard you pedal, the bike feels like it still wants to gain speed – it’s just the meat sack on the saddle that’s holding it back.”

Verdict: Single minded cross-country machine so fast and furious it verges on psychopathic.

You can read the full test report here.

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