Bicycling Magazine

Matt Phillips of US magazine “Bicycling” put the FOCUS IZALCO MAX Ultegra on the F*#K IT LIST - the list where the editors recommend bikes without hesitation: “Just buy the bike”. He loved the smoothness of the IZALCO MAX: “Over bigger stuff like bumps, dips, and broken pavement, the Izalco Max is very compliant; there aren’t many, perhaps any, race frames that are smoother, and it’s better than a long list of “endurance” bikes.” But he fell even more in love with the stiffness.

“This bike is so good, it’s difficult to know where to start. I choose…stiffness. Stomp on it, throw it around, pitch it daringly into corners, and the frame reveals that it is very stiff. And, unlike some frames which seem to have disparate zones of stiffness, the Izalco Max feels balanced, like the overall feel of the bike was taken into consideration and not just hitting a lab-test benchmark for the BB, for the fork, etc. It's stiffness that doesn’t seem possible from those small tubes, and the payoff is a frame that seems to be every bit as competent sprinting for signs as it is during high-cadence climbing as it is bombing alpine passes.”

Sum up: There are few bikes that can offer the same performance and rewarding experience.

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