Bicycling Australia put our FOCUS Izalco Max into their Test Lab. In the March issue you can read the long-term test of Jake Latham. In the quest for speed and performance he set his mind on the FOCUS Izalco Max Dura Ace Di2. And didn’t get disappointed: “An all out race bike, it is stiff and responsive on the crit track but is really at home ascending in the alps where the weight, or lack there of, is a definite benefit.”

“The attention to detail on this frame is immediately noticeable. Every aspect of the bike has been meticulously fasted over. It screams high-end European style with an even matte finish and its fluid curves; it’s a modern tribute to the classic road bike frame.”

Overall: A-class handling and a round up of reliable components to compliment a very fast frame is the punch that this bike is packing. Personal touches and upgrades are only necessary if you are particularly picky about how certain parts feel when they are performing their duties, but the Izalco Max will dominate anywhere you choose to take it.

Full Test Lab in Bicycling Australia issue March/April 2016.

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