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Push your boundaries – we build bikes for riders who want more. More performance. More experience. More inspiration. Whether you’re hitting asphalt or trails, alone or in a team, or simply riding with your friends, you’ll outperform yourself. In these moments, you share everything. The riding fun. The ambition. The desire to go further than ever before. You push one another to achieve peak performance, forever searching for new experiences. Just ride beyond!


To ensure that your rides take you even further, we’ve developed the FOCUS Squared range. Our high-performance e-bikes have everything that makes our Pure range so successful: innovative technology, performance-oriented geometry, perfect handling... and, to top it all off, an enhanced riding experience. For extended trips, better uphill flow and reliable energy reserves. Pure or Squared? The choice is yours. You’ll be sweating either way.

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in Germany

For us, development is also about pushing boundaries. To build good bikes, you have to be close. Close to the sport, close to the market, close to the customer. That’s why we develop all our bikes in Germany, where we pool the skills of our designers and engineers to drive product innovations forward and to deliver unquestionable all-round quality. But don’t just take our word for it! Test one of the multi-award-winning FOCUS bikes for yourself today!


The people behind FOCUS have turned their passions into their professions. One of these people is the World Cyclo-Cross Champion, Mike Kluge, who founded the brand in 1993 to pour all his bicycle racing experience into product development. To this day, our e-bikes are created outside, on the road. Developed and tested by the FOCUS team’s riders. Uncompromising performance; smart technology and design. We work hard so that everything feels easy for you.