Enduro MTB Magazine

The top model of the FOCUS SAM already won a lot of prices, now the LTD version follows. The ENDURO Mountainbike Magazin had a look in detail how the FOCUS SAM LTD fares when they take it away from the race tracks of the world. Very well is the answer! The testers spotted strengths in super smooth riding, balanced suspension and aggressive geometry.

“In the mind of the SAM, the concepts of ‘too steep,’ ‘too gnarly,’ or ‘too technical’ just do not exist. The SAM manages to ease its way over rock gardens as if on rails, with the rear end and the FOX 34 fork efficiently ironing out whatever the trail throws at it. Exit speeds are the bike’s forte, with chain torque stiffening the rear end and helping the bike to accelerate.”

Conclusion: The FOCUS SAM begs to be ridden hard and fast, so seek out the gnarliest trails around. All it asks for in return is a dynamic and confident rider who’s capable of exploiting the SAM’s strengths. Less experienced riders searching for a playful bike for slower, more mellow trails had better look elsewhere. The SAM is the ideal bike for racers pushing themselves on technical routes!

You can find the full test on ENDURO Mountainbike magazine.

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