Our tried and tested quality products are "Made in Germany". We offer a 10-year extension to our comprehensive warranty programme for frames of e-bike and s-pedelec models. 

The warranty terms are as follows:

In the event of processing or material faults, which lead to cracking or breakage, appearing on the frame within the 10-year warranty period, please contact your authorised dealer. The warranty only extends to the original (first) owner and is not transferable.

Warranty claims can only be made via your specialist dealer. Your specialist dealer will supply you with a new frame, and will install it for you.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or ageing. Similarly excluded are damage or defects in the paintwork of e-bike frames. Any paintwork damage, which occurs after your specialist dealer has delivered your bike, is not covered by the terms of the warranty or liability for material defects. If the bike has been used for racing or for hire, the warranty does not apply.

The prescribed regular servicing must have been carried out by an authorised dealer and recorded in the service history log.

If your model is no longer included in our product portfolio within the ten-year warranty period, you will receive a suitable replacement model from the existing product range (colour and finish may differ from the original model).

Please indicate the serial number as well. It can be found on the underside of the bottom bracket. You will also find a silver quality sticker in the bottom bracket area of all models, with two nine-digit number sequences. The top number sequence is preceded by the letters „sn“. This is the factory order number (serial number). The second number sequence is preceded by the letters „pn“. This ist he article number, which starts with 61 or 62. The model names are attached to the frame as décors.

To activate your 10-year frame warranty, you must register your model, complete with all the required details, here online within 8 (eight) weeks of the date of purchase. You will then receive a confirmation email.



Please note the following information: Unfortunately, we are only able to offer the warranty in those countries where we sell our bikes directly. For more information on the warranty and the statutory warranty in your country, please contact the importer or a local specialist dealer. These can be found using our dealer search function.

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