Design & Innovation Award

Next victory for the FOCUS Raven Max! The Design & Innovation Award honors the best Mountainbikes for 2016. The jury praised the razor-sharp handling:

"The Focus Raven Max Team is a bike for those with an uncompromising aim: to dominate the podiums at races! Delivering a Formula One racing weight at a price that’s almost affordable, the Team issue carries only the best parts, including SRAM XX1 and a RockShox RS1 fork. Technically, the stiff thru-axles and long-and-low geometry ensure that the handling is as razor-sharp as the acceleration, and visually the Focus design team have successfully created a sharp, fast, and unique design language that stands out. The combination of the special carbon lay-up with the Concept CPX post not only drops the weight to a super-light 8.80 kg, but also ensures a relaxed and comfortable ride."

Website Design & Innovation Award

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