The FOCUS SPINE Factory is the winner of the grand trail bike test of Enduro Mountainbike Magazine. The German specialist magazine put nine trail bikes to the test, the SPINE wins. But it’s not just the overall victory, the SPINE Factory also has been awarded best value for money. The testers loved the lively and smooth mix, the super rear end and the top spec.

“On the trails it’s no spineless coward, dishing up comfort, smoothness, agility, and excitement in the ultimate mix. The SPINE can hack everything from long days in the saddle and rapid loops of your home trails to manualling through the whoops. The rear tracks the ground like the nose of a bloodhound, sniffing bumps into murmurs and dishing out informative feedback from the trail.”

“The strengths of the SPINE come to the fore on technical climbs, as the bike provides tons of traction and a real pop for out-of-the-saddle efforts, not unlike a pit-bull after the postman.”

Conclusion: The winner takes it all! Not just delivering the best performance in this group test, the FOCUS SPINE C Factory also brings the best value for money to the trails. Superb handling, some fierce speed, and top suspension! Test win! Read the full test at Enduro Mag #23 July 2016

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