FOCUS products have to satisfy the highest requirements. That’s what we expect of ourselves. To meet these quality requirements, we develop our own technologies for maximum performance. Unique selling points in terms of functionality, efficiency and design characterise the patented technologies from our design and engineering department in Stuttgart. The art of German engineering. Tested under the most extreme conditions and developed with our top athletes. So that our customers only have the best of experiences. German Engineered Experience.


F.O.L.D. (Focus Optimized Linkage Design)

F.O.L.D. stands for FOCUS Optimised Linkage Design, and offers the ultimate in rear suspension. The patented F.O.L.D. kinematics make it possible to optimise the suspension for an extremely wide range of different requirements. This ensures maximum riding fun both when racing and on long adventures.

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R.A.T. (Rapid Axle Technology)

Thru axles increase stability and stiffness, but usually also take more time to change the wheel. Not so with FOCUS. The specially designed Rapid Axle Technology is the fastest wheel-change system; much more so than even traditional quick-release levers.

With FOCUS, there is a small T-pin at the end of the thru axle, which is pushed into a mount on the other side, so the axle only has to be rotated 90 degrees to close the quick-release lever. This technology received a Eurobike Award at Eurobike 2014.