The new road bike magazine "Gran Fondo" has been asking the question whether racing bikes with disc brakes really provide added value in comparison with conventional racing bikes. "The initial scepticism of some of the testers soon wore off" – thanks to the FOCUS IZALCO MAX Disc Red. It was particularly well received due to its quick and sporty performance and its harmonious overall concept.

It soon became clear that the FOCUS IZALCO MAX Disc Red had won the testers over:

"The FOCUS is a pioneer with its disc brakes. It is unbelievably light and fast."

"6.83 kg. This makes the Izalco Max Disc one of the world's lightest series road bikes with disc brakes."

"Outstandingly rigid fork and excellent braking power; this disc brake road bike is a winner in every department."

"Rough, scraping discs and unpredictable biting point? Couldn't be further from the truth!"

Verdict: All in all, FOCUS has admirably succeeded in integrating the hydraulic disc brake both from a technical and visual point of view. The Cloppenburg-based manufacturer has thereby managed to prove that a lightweight road bike and disc brakes are in no way mutually exclusive.

You can read the complete report in the first issue of Gran Fondo magazine.

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