Mountain cyclist

and proud owner of 'Sammy'


It’s not only elites that ride bikes. It’s also normal people like me who spend 90% of the time horizontal because we’re trying new things and learning how to do new things. The clinic with Mike was amazing. Such a boost for confidence to be able to have him here and and explain each little way of how I should go, lean in, lift it up. Curious about my entire story? Watch the video. 


My Focus Challenge


My focus challenge was the Brighton Big Dog, it’s a 6 hour enduro-ride. I did it as a solo event and I got taken out, so I did 3 hours of the Brighton big dog. I feel I need to do the bike a bit more justice so I’m gonna do some naughty trails and wails and see if I can do this awesome bike justice by actually riding full face helmet gear down-hill. Check out my Instagram profile for all my Focus Challenge posts. 

instagram post 1
instagram post 1
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instagram post 1

Meet my bike: The Focus Sam


"My bikes all have names. This one in particular is called the Focus Sam. And we just dubbed it ‘Sammy”. It’s a real boy’s bike, so I can bash it around as much as I want. If I had a really rough day, it really gets a frashing trough there. The bike is very robust, but also forgiving I think if I didn’t have it I probably would fall over way more."


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