World's first tree-athlete

Completing a triathlon carrying a 100 pound tree.


The Caribbean island of Nevis is going to be the first carbon neutral Island by 2020, and they have this amazing triathlon out there. They wanted to bring awareness to the triathlon so they rang me up and said; ‘Ross, do you want to come out, do a triathlon but do something to raise awareness for it’. We ran trough some ideas and long strange story short: I decided do to the triathlon carrying a tree. A 100 pound tree, on my back. I know what you're thinking. I'll explain in the video.


My Focus Challenge


Swimming is quite okay because it floats. But the tree gets heavier when it absorbs the water. Cycling has proven difficult. I don’t know if anyone ever cycled with a log on his back but it wobbles and starts to get awkward. So it’s not just the weight on the bike but it’s actually the balance on the bike.

Meet my bike: The Focus Cayo


"It sounds a little bit like a cliche but it’s so much more than a bike. It becomes your training partner. It’s there with you in the early mornings, on the evenings, when everyone else is gone, your bike’s always there. So as a result, when you see it brings back all of these sort emotions, wether good, bad. What ever it is, that’s what a bike is to me."