crash replacement

In addition to the 6-year warranty on FOCUS carbon frames and forks, FOCUS Crash Replacement is now available for all FOCUS carbon frames and forks on models from 2013 onwards.

FOCUS Crash Replacement – the offer:

  • 1st year from date of purchase: 50% reduction on the frameset retail price
  • 2nd year after date of purchase: 30% reduction on the frameset retail price
  • 3rd year after date of purchase: 20% reduction on the frameset retail price
  • All freight costs incurred (postal charges, customs duty, etc.) and conversion costs at the authorised FOCUS specialist dealer must be borne by the end-user.

Note: To register for the warranty and Crash Replacement, please use the special form, which covers both offers.


Please note the following information: Unfortunately, we are only able to offer a warranty / the crash replacement in those countries where we sell our bikes directly. For more information on the warranty and the statutory warranty in your country, please contact the importer or a local specialist dealer. These can be found using our dealer search function.

Terms and Conditions

When purchasing a FOCUS carbon bike, you must observe the following points on use of FOCUS Crash Replacement.

  • In order to use FOCUS Crash Replacement, you must visit the FOCUS website and register online within 8 weeks of the date of purchase, using the Warranty/Crash Replacement form.
  • FOCUS Crash Replacement is available to the original purchaser only.
  • FOCUS Crash Replacement does not extend to products that have already been replaced under the terms of the warranty or guarantee.
  • The damage must compromise the functionality, i.e. cosmetic damage that only affects the appearance is excluded.
  • The damage must not have been caused deliberately. Otherwise, FOCUS reserves the right to suspend FOCUS Crash Replacement.
  • FOCUS Crash Replacement must be processed via an authorised FOCUS specialist dealer.
  • The damaged goods must be returned to FOCUS by an authorised FOCUS specialist dealer.
  • The scope of FOCUS Crash Replacement excludes advance replacement of the carbon frame and forks.
  • The scope of FOCUS Crash Replacement excludes a change of model.
  • If the relevant model is no longer in the FOCUS product portfolio within the 3-year period, you will be offered a suitable replacement model from the existing product range.
  • The goods returned must be accompanied by your proof of purchase and a copy of the confirmation of registration for FOCUS Crash Replacement.