Smooth going over rocks and roots, nothing breaks your momentum. The THRON’s 120 mm suspension is moderate and balanced; you’ll reach your speed instantaneously. You can make your adventure last longer with power assist or reach your destination in record time at a maximum speed of 45 km/h; the choice is yours! Full speed or maximum enjoyment, the THRON simply offers more.


The THRON opens your eyes for all the opportunities to play. Just go riding trails and awaken the explorer that you are...
What it takes to have a fresh look on your ride?

The THRON is our 130 mm full suspension mountain bike and made to surf trails. The geometry of the THRON makes you feel comfortable and confident in any situation. You are in control whether it's a technical or flow trail, no matter you go up or down. Pure riding fun first. You stay relaxed on long tours and go fast on trails.

. A geometry ready to go everywhere
THRON geometry

The THRON is the lively little sibling of the JAM and stands out with its immediate and playful riding character. With 66,5°, the head angle is steeper than the JAM's, but still slack enough to enhance the rider's confidence with a safe feeling.

The seat tube angle is measured at seating height to make sure the 75° truly offer the perfect pedal position for a trail bike. The reach is 10 mm shorter than the JAM's which results in nearly the same pleasant top tube length and seating position.

The combination of steeper head angle and slightly shorter reach makes the THRON the perfect companion for your hometrails and fast exploring tours beyond.

. Features to explore new grounds
THRON features THRON features
F.O.L.D. Update

As F.O.L.D. stands for FOCUS Optimized Linkage Design, the optimization never stops. The update of our F.O.L.D. offers more progression and adapts to the latest shock development.

New position

The main and guide link changed positions which results in a horizontal orientated shock. This means there is a lot more space in the front triangle of the new THRON to mount a big bottle and our tool bag.

Lower standover

Another huge advantage of the new positioning is that the new THRON has a lower standover giving you more freedom on technical trails.

Strong progression

The kinematics changed from two phases to one that is completely progressive. The strong progression is key to a great riding experience giving you feedback from the trail and strong bottom-out resistance.

Ball-bearing for sensitivity

Additionally, the shock is mounted via bearings to create the most sensitive suspension you can imagine. The updated F.O.L.D. on the new THRON gives you the confidence to control any trail no matter how fast you ride.

C.I.S. stem

The specially developed C.I.S. (Cockpit Integration Solution) design makes the THRON's cockpit look super clean and ensures constantly seamless shifting and braking.

Internal cable routing

All cables run from the handlebar into the stem and through the headset into the frame of the THRON.

Seamless shifting

The cables run over the handlebar allowing a big radius to ensure that your mechanical shifting and the dropper post always work.

Fully adjustable

You can fully adjust your handlebar and the brake lever positions to your needs. The low position of the handlebar is following the performance-oriented ergonomics of the THRON.

Tool bag

Every THRON comes with an exactly fitting tool bag for your essentials.

Perfectly placed

The tool bag sits perfectly aligned in the angle of the top and down tube of the aluminium frame and is screwed to the down tube.

All your essentials for the ride

The tool bag can take a tube, tool and pump or CO2 cartridge. Or whatever small essentials you need on your ride.

No rattling

With a velcro strap mounted on the base plate of the tool bag, you can fix your gear to avoid rattling.

Super versatile

From bikepacking to trail tours through alpine terrain and your daily commute: The THRON is our most versatile mountain bike.

Kickstand mounting adapter

You can easily attach a stand with our specially developed stand adapter. If you don't need it, take the adapter off and your THRON turns back into the clean looking trail bike it is.

Special EQP model

Our fully-equipped THRON 6.8 EQP comes with perfectly matching fenders, rack, stand and lighting system. All of our non-fully equipped models have mounting options, and they can all be retrofitted with certain changes* ** to the build.

*fender set front only suitable for forks with respective mounting points (SR Suntour)
**fender sets only suitable for tyres up to 57 mm width (measured)

. And trails you always wanted to ride
"The THRON is super nimble and agile. Just great fun on flow trails, but it also climbs very fast!"

Seppe Naessens, Design Engineer


Category 2

Type of bicycle (examples): Trekking & Gravel bikes

Description: Applies to bicycle and EPACs and includes Condition 1 as well as unpaved and gravel roads and trails with moderate gradients. In this set of conditions, contact with irregular terrain and loss of tyre contact with the ground may occur. Drops are intended to be limited to 15 cm or less.

Category 3

Type of bicycle (examples): Cross-Country (XC) & Trail bikes

Description: Applies to bicycle and EPACs and includes Condition 1 and Condition 2 as well as rough trails, rough unpaved roads, and rough terrain and unimproved trails that require technical skills. 
Jumps and drops are intended to be less than 60 cm. 


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