As a new benchmark on the trail scene the JAM wins a Design & Innovation Award. The Testers especially liked the new F.O.L.D. rear end and the typically FOCUS design cues.

Full announcement of the jury:

„Marking the beginning of a new era for FOCUS, the JAM C SL has not only slotted nicely into their line-up, but it has also redefined their future models. In what way? Well, at the heart of the bike’s design is the new F.O.L.D. (Focus Optimized Linkage Design) rear end, which incorporates the linkages and bearings into the frame itself. The consequence: minimal unsprung mass, leading to improved suspension and a lower centre of gravity, which pairs with the outstanding geometry to gener­ate super-balanced handling. The lightweight carbon frame bears typically FOCUS design cues like a well thought-out spec and a distinctive tube profile, which add to its potent character.”

Verdict: The FOCUS JAM C SL is a new benchmark on the trail scene, boasting killer performance on both climbs and descents.

Design & Innovation Award 2017

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