The JAM Evo has been rated as “very good”* in the comparison test conducted by the German magazine “Bike”. The JAM notched up 174 points, and the testers were particularly keen on its playful handling and outstanding performance when going round bends.

“At 150 millimetres, the JAM has the biggest rear suspension travel. It is easy to use, but still offers sufficient progression for hard landings. The chassis is very active and shock-absorbent when used in conjunction with the Rockshox Yari. The extremely short chain stays mean that the JAM is fun to ride and turns into a proper beast when going round bends.”

Verdict: A playful all-mountain bike with spare suspension travels.

You will find the complete test in Bike 2/17.

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*Eight all-mountain bikes costing around €3,000 were tested and rated as “very good”.

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