Challenge your character


It is important to me to challenge myself. I always think you should deliberately put yourself in a difficult position to see your true character. My true character comes out, and sometimes I like what I see, sometimes I don’t. Check out my true character after the FOCUS challenge.


My Focus Challenge


I did three challenges. My first FOCUS challenge was the Brighton Big Dog. It’s a 6 hour lap race. I also did an Off-Road Triathlon series called X-Terra and participated in Joberg2c, a 9 day stage race in South Africa. If you want to see more, check out my Instagram.

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Meet my bike: The Spine


"The SPINE is really manoeuvrable, because the wheel size is a bit smaller.  And I'm a woman: I like what the bike looks like. It's a flashy bike and I get lots of compliments. "


Due to maintenance, it is currently not possible to place any orders in our Click & Collect Shop. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are trying to be back to full service as soon as possible.

Due to the upcoming holiday leave, we will have a delay in our bike deliveries. Beginning of January 2024, we will start working on the order income again.