Road cyclist

Up for serious challenges


I set myself challenges. Each time more and more unrealistic. I make them daunting, often terrifying. But it doesn't matter how hard they are because I share my journey; my family and friends are the backbone of what I achieve. I ride to work, the shops, sometimes across the country. I ride always.


My Focus Challenge


"My FOCUS Challenge was to ride around Richmond Park for 24 hours. The choice of Richmond was because it has never been done before. No one rode around the park before in 24hours and I have never been able to do endurance riding. So I thought it was a justified challenge to push myself hard enough to exactly raise money for our chosen charity which is the PACE Centre and I wanted to do my bit to get some money in the pot for the charity."

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The FOCUS Izalco Max Disc


"I have tried other brands but I always found that FOCUS just fit really nicely for me, the comfort side of it is really key but being able to feel that the bike is racy, fun and aggressive and speedy is really something that I always found that FOCUS bikes specifically do really well".


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