Awakens your inner explorer: the FOCUS PLANET² features a powerful Bosch Performance CX e-drive with a capacity of up to 750 Wh for maximum riding distances. There is so much to discover around you. Long adventure rides are watiting for you. The new BOSCH ABS makes your ride particularly safe as it prevents your wheels from locking up during braking. Don't worry, just explore more. With the PLANET², you can also choose between a wave or diamond frame shape. With mudguards, light, stand and rack, the world is your oyster and thanks to 100 mm suspension forks and mountain bike tyres, the PLANET² goes far beyond city limits.

150 kg approval for PLANET² 6. series

E-Bike Freigabe 130 kg

As of now, we have approved selected e-bikes for a system weight (rider, bike and accessories like a backpack) of up to 150 kg. With this, we offer a much higher system weight than usual in the industry to give more people the opportunity to ride our bikes.


Bike Classification

Type of bicycle (examples): City & Urban bikes

Description: Applies to bicycles and EPACs used on regular paved surfaces where the tyres are intended to maintain ground contact at average speed with occasional drop.