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You’re caught in the grip of road cycling, enamoured with the sense of speed and liberty. The PARALANE takes these sensations to new levels with its ground-breaking versatility. Finishing high in the rankings alongside friends at a Gran Fondo or tracing a spectacular route over never-ridden-before gravel roads: it’s all possible. The PARALANE will awaken your thirst for adventure, instilling a desire to ride where you’ve never ridden before.

  • Intended use: Classic tours, long mountain tours – on tarmac roads, as well as gravel tracks

  • Endurance geometry

  • for leisure cyclists who like to spend longer in the saddle and don't mind unsurfaced roads

  • comfort + weight + geometry = ride quality

  • fitted with disc brakes

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With maximal tyre clearance up to 35 mm, every tarmac and gravel road is part of the adventure. There is no bad roads.


There is no bad weather. Meticulously well thought-out, mudguards can be mounted quickly and cleverly. And the best thing: they’re included in every PARALANE order.


Designed for long distances, the endurance geometry and comfort-orientated frame will keep you out riding for longer.

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