Thanks to ongoing checks and the use of the latest manufacturing methods, we at FOCUS live up to our own standards for high quality, good workmanship, long service life and reliability. For this reason, we can offer a 6-year manufacturer's warranty on all FOCUS carbon frames and forks. You can register your bike for it here.


Note: To register for the warranty and Crash Replacement, please use the special form, which covers both offers.



Our "Made in Germany" quality has stood the test of time. Since the model year 2013 FOCUS offers a comprehensive guaranteeprogram for all FOCUS carbon frames and forks.

Please note the following points in the warranty terms and conditions:

• Should processing or material faults appear on your carbon frame, or corresponding carbon fork if you have a racing bike, within the 6-year warranty period, please contact your specialist FOCUS dealer.
• Warranty claims are handled by the specialist FOCUS dealer. Your dealer provides and fits your new frame or fork.
• The warranty period is not extended in the case of a repair or replacement.
• For paintwork of FOCUS carbon frames the 2-year warranty applies. Any damage to the paint finish which occurs after your specialist dealer has delivered your bike is not covered by the terms of the warranty.
• If your model is no longer included in our product portfolio within the 6-year warranty period, you will receive a suitable replacement model from the existing product range.
• To activate your 6-year frame warranty, you must register your model, complete with all the required details, here online within 8 weeks of the date of purchase.
• You will then receive a confirmation email which you must retain.


Statutory claims made against the seller for any material defects in relation to implied warranties of satisfactory quality or fitness for purpose are not affected by this guarantee. This means: should your bike have a fault which was already present at the time of risk transfer (risk transfer takes place when the buyer takes delivery of the bike once the purchase is completed) which renders the bike of unsatisfactory quality or unfit for purpose, the buyer can claim for this fault against the seller within two years of this date. We would like you to note that in this context, as with the guarantee, only initial defects already present, whether visible or hidden, at the time of risk transfer constitute material defects, and not normal wear and tear.