Simply fun: The-All New Vice

So wild, they will chase you!

Designed to make the most of its 130 mm travel at the front and 120 at the rear, FOCUS have just introduced the VICE, their all-new entry-level trail bike. Featuring aggressive and playful trailorientated geometry and a robust single-pivot suspension design, FOCUS have deliberately gone all-in, trimming away the superfluous and channelling the 1980s with the motto ‘keep it simple and have fun.’ Plus, those design cues from the cult TV series ‘Miami Vice’ aren’t easy to deny.


Sporting 27.5” wheels, a 67° head angle, a 75° seat angle that makes you go fast, and playfully short 420 mm chainstays, the BOLD promises a ton of fun on your backyard trails in the woods. The long reach (440 mm for the medium frame) provides the coveted super smooth ride quality, while the short 50 mm stem underlines the bike’s propensity for fun.

Vice Details:

► Intended use: trail riding / generating massive fun
► 3 models available: PRO/SL/FACTORY
► 27,5″ wheel size
► Frame material: aluminium
► Long reach, short 50 mm stem
► Dropper-post
► Boost hub spacing
► Easy to access cable-routing

You speed off, they will chase you. Et vice versa.


So how does it ride?

It’s just massive fun. No matter if you‘re riding narrow and harsh singletracks, fast berms or big jumps. The VICE is agile without beeing nervous. It handles big stuff with ease. It’s based on a balanced and modern trailbike geometry. Therefore perfectly chosen: The single-pivot in combination with the dedicated shock tune. Just simple and rugged.

And now go out and ride it!


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