Blurring the boundaries between conventional mountain bikes and E-MTBs the JAM² wins a Design & Innovation Award. The jury was impressed by the direct handling and fun ride as well as by the flexibility of the T.E.C. system.

Jury’s speech:

„The FOCUS JAM² is blurring the boundaries between conventional mountain bikes and E-MTBs by nailing a direct, defined, and playful handling package that trans­lates into a fun and flowing ride, whatever the gradient. There’s a powerful Shima­no STEPS M8000 MTB motor, which is fed by FOCUS’s own modular power concept: the T.E.C, or TAILORED ENERGY CONCEPT, which—as the name suggests—allows you to tailor the energy you’re carrying on the bike. With the addition of dual-pur­pose rails on the downtube, you can choose to carry a second sleek battery to boost the total capacity to 756 Wh for super-long adventures if you forego a bottle cage. With its reliance on FOCUS’s impressive F.O.L.D (Focus Optimized Linkage Design) rear end design, the JAM² is a fierce contender on the trails once you’ve pressed the impeccably integrated yet distinguished-looking power button on the toptube. Its capable, performance-focused geometry and well thought-out spec are destined to plaster a grin on your face.”

Verdict: FOCUS have dubbed it the ‘Squared Experience, but for us it’s just a damn good E-MTB with a super-innovative concept!

Design & Innovation Award 2017

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