Due to the recent developments related to the coronavirus outbreak we will pause our Beat Your Screen Time challenge and Stop Watching. Start Riding. campaign for an indefinite period.

We don’t want to risk anyone’s health. We will restart motivating you when life is back to normal. Please follow your government’s guidelines. Stay healthy.

Stop Watching. Start Riding. Stop Watching. Start Riding.

We waste an immense amount of time pointlessly surfing the internet with our mobile phone. We watch video after video and follow strangers having great fun on their bikes. Time to change our behaviour. 

Three reasons to start now!

Strava challenge

With Beat Your Screen Time we challenge you to ride more and spend less time online: Ride 20 hours or more in the next four weeks and reduce your screen time accordingly. As a reward you will get the exclusive Beat Your Screen Time badge and the chance to win a FOCUS bike. You can choose between a THRON² 6.9, JAM 8.9 NINE and IZALCO MAX 9.7 AXS. Stop watching and start riding now.


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