Compact and light for maximum trail performance
MOTOR: Mid-drive motor, 250 Watt | 85 Nm
ASSISTANCE: up to 25 km/h
ASSIST LEVEL: 3 assist levels: Eco | Trail | Boost
CONTROLS: Coloured, compact Shimano EP8 display, easy operation via ergonomic Shimano Firebolt Remote lever
Chris’ trail tour
Shimano EP8 Riding Experience

Chris weighs 75 kg and is a mountain biker through and through. He’s all about riding as many trails as possible – both uphill and downhill. He uses the assistance in a rather specific way. He rides in Eco, Trail or Boost mode depending on the situation, and occasionally also rides without any assistance too.

Phil’s mountain tour
Shimano EP8 Riding Experience

Phil weighs 83 kg and is forever looking to make elevation gains. He loves conquering the mountains. For long mountain tours, he uses the T.E.C. Pack. While he certainly makes use of every trail opportunity that presents itself, he paces himself and makes economical use of the assistance too. And that’s why he mainly rides in Eco mode.

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