The fastest thru-axle in the world

Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.)

The fastest thru-axle in the world

Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.)

Disc brakes are both the present and future in cycling – and for their optimum function, floating axles are a must. Because no floating axle on the market met the demands that we place on a thru-axle system, our FOCUS engineers were galvanised into action and developed the Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.)* – the fastest thru-axle in the world.

*R.A.T. thru-axles are sold under licence in the UK (UK patent GB2414971B)

R.A.T. mood

Disc brakes require the stiffness and stability of a thru-axle to ensure optimum function. Because no thru-axle system met our wheel change speed requirements, however, we developed our own patented Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.) for mountain bikes, racing bikes and Cyclo Cross bikes. Our development of the R.A.T. floating axle focussed on a quick and easy wheel change.

As a result, Rapid Axle Technology combines the stability and stiffness of a thru-axle and all the advantages of a quick-release. As the quickest and easiest wheel change system on the market, it puts even classic quick-release devices in the shade. Thanks to its outstanding features, even renowned competitors now rely on the R.A.T. thru-axle system for their disc models.

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Rapid Axle Technology R.A.T.
13,3 Sekunden

Proven in the racing field

The XC World Cup in Albstadt in 2016 demonstrated just how successfully our development goals were implemented. FOCUS XC team mechanic Fabian Haug changed the rear wheel of Florian Vogel's RAVEN in 13.3 seconds – an unofficial world record! The wheel change took a whole five seconds off the reigning record. The simple operation of the R.A.T. thru-axle enables an intuitive wheel change, even in stressful situations – such as bike racing.

13,3 Sekunden

The advantages

Abrasion-free alignment of the disc in the brake body

Ultra-quick wheel change

Excellent stiffness

Bikes with Rapid Axle Technology


Uncompromising carbon hardtail

100 mm suspension fork

extremely light, rigid and comfortable in all the right places

Decorated with World and European champion titles


The first E-racing bike

100 mm suspension fork and 29" wheels

holds the track record for the classic transalp route

Extremely lightweight E-MTB that offers a great ride even without battery assistance


Full-suspension race bike for difficult XC courses

100 mm suspension travel and 29" wheels

F.O.L.D. full suspension

For technically sophisticated race tracks and energy-sapping stage races, like Cape Epic


A racing bike that's ready for anything

Endurance geometry

generous 35 mm tyre clearance for a range of widths and tread depths

with disc brakes and fitted mudguards


Fast as a road bike, strong as an e-bike

. Endurance Geometry

Removable motor/battery unit decoupled from the drive

. with disc brakes and including matching mudguards


. Transmits your pedal power straight to the road

Race geometry

. Optimised in the wind tunnel

. with disc brakes


Top racing performance for everyone

Race geometry

Excellent ride characteristics at an attractive price

with disc or rim brakes


Perfect for cyclocross racing

Cyclocross race geometry

robust model optimised to handle extreme demands such as mud, rain and snow.

with disc brakes