The awards keep raining down on the FOCUS Raven Max. Now the speedy hardtail has come away with another important prize. The bike was crowned mountain bike of the year by users, arguably the best and most independent jury there is. The readers have spoken:

The XC bike of the year is the FOCUS Raven Max!

This is what the testers had to say on MTB News after the win:

"The new Focus Raven Max is technically one of the best XC bikes currently on the market and is your 2015 XC bike of the year. Frame weighing in at 885 grams, individually designed frame sizes, top comfort. The tube diameter has been designed specifically for each frame size, making each size as lightweight as possible. The Raven with R.A.T. thru axle also has a smart and quick system for changing the wheels – innovative! Our tester Thomas Fritsch has ridden the bike already and loved the combination of speed, stiffness and comfort."

More on the results here.

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