For a straightforward trail experience


Carving hard into the berms, dust tickling your nose. More trail than tour. Rip, sleep, repeat. Why do you ride? For riding’s sake. Our VICE is a purebred trail bike, which leaves no wishes unmet – and doesn’t overcomplicate the act. It’s low maintenance, so that you’ll spend more time on the bike rather than beside it.


The VICE was designed for young riders just getting into mountain biking and has a simple and easy-to-maintain overall design. It is a full-suspension trail bike with 130 mm suspension travel. You can try out a variety of mountain bike rides with the VICE.

You’re prepared to shred.


With just one main bearing and 1x shifting, the VICE is easy to service. The external cable routing helps.


The perfect pivot at the rear and the finely tuned suspension draw out the maximum from your ride.


The VICE’s modern downhill-orientated geometry make carving in corners your preferred sort of play.

Raw like the VICE

When we told pro rider Olly Wilkins about our single pivot bike VICE, he went quite curious about it. He gave it a try on his home trails at the really recognizable Swindon (Yes, exactly that Swindon). And Rupert Fowler documented it on video. The result: A video as pure and raw as the VICE. Dedicated to the ones who love the sound and ease of pure riding.

Raw like the VICE

Triple Butted Tube Design

Butted aluminium tubes are designed so that the walls are thicker at areas under more stress, with a constant external diameter. FOCUS aluminium tubes are triple-butted. This reduces the weight without impacting on the stability.

Tapered headtube

The tapered head tube increases the headset stiffness while also reducing the steering weight.

Factory specOur Factory Spec is a specific model within a bike family that a FOCUS employee has equipped to his or her specifications. Our employees are enthusiastic cyclists. They have big plans year in, year out, and spend a lot of time in the saddle. They have fine-tuned their Factory Spec model specifically for such biking adventures – and the end result is such great value for money that they’d happily recommend it to their best mates too. The special design is the jewel in the crown of the Factory Spec model.

The All-New Focus Vice

Massive fun alert! Focus is channelling the 1980s with the playful and single pivot-design in the new VICE Mountainbike Fully.

The All-New Focus Vice

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