Do you remember that feeling when nothing really mattered but to play with your friends?

When did you last go outdoors without any specific purpose? Having nothing on your mind but playing around. Not checking your watch, because you have no important dates. Forgetting about time. Forgetting about lunch. Forgetting about consequences. Not even thinking about how great exactly this moment is. Just playing. Like a child.

We might grow up, but we never stop playing. Although, our playground may have changed...

When you grow up, people keep telling you that there will be a future you, mature and overwhelmed by all your duties. So you kind of wait for that moment to happen. But it never really happens. For sure, your duties and body grow and of course, your playground and toys change. But do you ever feel like a grown-up? When you are 18, 30 seems to be super old. Well, at 30 it does not anymore... So stop pretending to be mature, you never lost your inner child. Your inner child will stay forever.

We go mountain biking because it makes us feel like children.

Our two brand-new mountain bikes allow you to go back to great times of playing like a child. Get your ticket back to not having a care in the world. Just choose your bike and let loose.

The new JAM

Makes the mountains your playground

. More downhill fun on your ride over all mountains

. 150 mm F.O.L.D. full suspension

The new THRON

Hero of your home turf

. Trail bike for any eventuality

. 130 mm F.O.L.D. full suspension

Tune in to get the vibes

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