The Focus Challenge

'Most people call me mad, but I like to think of it as passionate'


In June last year I set out from land’s end to check out the routes to john o'groats for a record I’m trying to break next year. I was in a real high from that ride, some great scenery every day, feeling strong, feeling confident about the challenge for next year. . But then a few day’s later I got food poisoning. And after four days of traveling back. By train, by car, catching up with work, I sat down a lot And probably because of that combination I then developed a deep vein thrombisis. I'll tell you more about my story in the video below. 

Meet the atlethes


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Alechia van Wyk

My focus challenge was the Brighton Big Dog, it’s a 6 hour enduro-ride. Find out more about me and my challenge

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Felix Lowe

I wanted to trace the Tour de France trail. It was an amazing ride of over 2000km's. Watch the video about my and my challenge

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Chris Shaw

My challenge was to do the Yorkshire tour. It is a 103 miles race across hilly countryside. Find out more about me and my challenge.

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Lee-anne dippenaar

I wanted to do a real race on a mountainbike. So I choose the Brighton Big Dog, 6 hours laprace and I loved it! Watch my full video.

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Chris Hall

I wanted to do something that no one had done before. So I choose to ride the Richmond Park for 24 hours. Find out more about me and my challenges.

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Ross edgley

I am not wat you call the typical cyclist. So what I did: a triathlon while carrying a tree on my back. Watch the complete story in my video.