Dutch ways
Dutch ways

You might ask why FOCUS wants to get to know Dutch ways? We have two very good reasons. The first obvious one is: we are starting with a new concept in the Netherlands. If you want to buy a FOCUS bike in the Netherlands, you can only order it online. But different to regular online shopping, one of our Service Partners will be on your side after the purchase. They will build up and check your bike and be your local contact.

Learning dutch ways

But our small Dutch team had the impression that the German team still was not really on track. So here is the second reason for this story: Show the Germans Dutch ways, make them feel and taste what is special about the Netherlands. We did not have to look for guides because they proposed themselves: The Ride Beyond Crew! Their true intention you can see in the episodes of DUTCH WAYS. Do the Germans and the Dutch match together? Scroll down to see the videos and the surprises of the trip.

Dutch ways episode 1

The German team sent Rille (Patrick) and Nane. Rille spent his whole childhood holidays in the Netherlands while Nane never set foot across the dutch border before.

First of many ferry rides along the ride.

Patrick trying his new shoes.

Looks like he still needs to practice his Dutchness a bit.

Diving into the real camping.

Martijn and Mike from the Ride Beyond Crew prepared a route through almost all parts of the Netherlands with daily surprises for the two. What their definition of a surprise is? Well, that is still a surprise. Some were nice and some were ... let’s say tough ones.

Day 1: Tilburg to Rotterdam
dutch ways camping

Already the first kilometres from Tilburg towards Breda showed how flat a ride can be. Nevertheless, the speed was up, so especially Nane was surprised by how the constant pushing made her feel her legs. As a distraction, nice surprises like windmills in Kinderdijk, ferry rides and Mike's stories waited on the way.


Dutch ways episode 2

After the night in the tents, the route led straight to the sea. The heavily loaded bikes could not stop the guys (but the woman) from tackling each other in deep sand along the dunes. Rille felt finally warm again after the cold night. Route boss Mike collected lots of compliments for the beautiful ride from The Hague to Zandvoort.

Day 2: The Hague to Zandvoort

As a group, the four grew together – even though the Dutchies served a very special dish: herring and pickled cucumber. What a pity that both Germans are veggies and they had to enjoy the herring alone.

Dutch ways episode 3

Mike and Martijn kept a great surprise until the last day. This nice one was that Jasmijn and Jelmer of the Ride Beyond Crew joined and went to the North with the four. Mike and Martijn fulfilled their secret plan to visually transform Rille and Nane into Dutch people by bringing them to Volendam where they had to get dressed in the traditional way as fishermen and his wife. Mike and Martijn had great fun seeing Rilles' puzzled face. He needed some poffertjes afterwards before continuing.

Day 3: further north

The not so pleasant thing was that somebody switched on the wind. First, it came from the side, then it became a headwind. Especially Nane had hard times pushing and not losing the back wheel of Jasmijn or whoever’s wheel she found. "I will never ever make jokes about Dutch mountains again", she promised after the ride.


But Why?

For us, it was essential to dive into the Dutch way of living before starting our shopping concept. Our small team in the Netherlands and the Service Partners now bring it to life. All they need is you! Try our Dutch way, grab your chance now and buy directly one of our bikes!