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Carbon and aluminium? Carbon optimally combines the benefits of low weight with maximum stiffness and comfort. FOCUS offers a six-year warranty on carbon frames. Aluminium is a very robust material that combines stiffness, comfort and a low weight with high cost efficiency.



An electronic gearshift impresses with its fast, simple and precise gear shift strokes, even under maximum load. You can optimise the gear shift strokes to suit your needs on your PC with Shimano’s Di2. Sram’s eTAP even works wirelessly.


Mechanical shifting is based on Bowden cables, which provide tried-and-tested, durable and reliable shifting. One major advantage is the low weight – no batteries are needed. Cables can be replaced quickly and easily if necessary.




With rim brakes, two blocks brake on both sides due to friction on the rim. One major advantage of rim brakes is their low weight.


The advantages of disc brakes include their perfect controllability and their immense braking power. Disc brakes offer a consistent braking force – even in the most adverse of weather conditions such as rain and mud.