Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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Carbon and aluminium? Carbon optimally combines the benefits of low weight with maximum stiffness and comfort. FOCUS offers a six-year warranty on carbon frames. Aluminium is a very robust material that combines stiffness, comfort and a low weight with high cost efficiency.




How you use your bike is critical. If you’re after speed in races, use 100 mm suspension travel. Travel of around 120 mm provides plenty of fun on home trails and tours. 140 to 160 mm travel is perfect for alpine adventures on rough terrain.

100 mm
120 mm

Seatpost type


With a “dropper seatpost”, the saddle can be conveniently adjusted from the handlebars while riding using the “remote lever”. This gives you increased freedom of movement and allows you to shift your weight backwards on steep sections.


A fixed seatpost combines a low weight with optimum stiffness, and is in direct contact with the bike. Special designs – as with the CPX Plus seatpost – offer additional comfort so the rider tires less quickly.



Cassettes for single chainrings have a wide gear range. So you benefit from a high chain tension and a chain that doesn’t come off. Getting rid of the chainring, front derailleur and shifting lever saves a huge amount of weight too.


You can cover a very wide range of gears with two chainrings – which is ideal when you’re riding up and down lots of steep slopes. The easy-pedal gear allows you to save your strength going uphill, but you also have a gear for pedalling downhill too.