King of the city


No crowds, no queues, no stress – the city is your oyster. Bus, tram and car only hold you up. You can leave them all behind. The PLANET gives you that freedom. Anywhere, any time, and always stress-free. The PLANET delivers everything you've ever wanted in a city bike. To work, to the café, to an art exhibition – the day is yours.


The PLANET was designed with city use in mind. And it’s equipped with reliable and low-maintenance add-on components for precisely this purpose.

You’re ready to conquer the city.


No squeaking, no mud on your trouser legs and minimal maintenance requirements – all made possible due to the PLANET’s hub gears and belt drive.


Even if you’re rolling past stationary cars in the city, you’ll have to brake sometime. The disc brakes enable perfectly controlled braking with consistent performance.


With the mudguard and the light you’re well equipped when you’re out and about in bad weather or after dark.

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