Time trial cyclist

'Most people call me mad, but I like to think of it as passionate'


In June last year I set out from land’s end to check out the routes to john o'groats for a record I’m trying to break next year. I was in a real high from that ride, some great scenery every day, feeling strong, feeling confident about the challenge for next year. . But then a few day’s later I got food poisoning. And after four days of traveling back. By train, by car, catching up with work, I sat down a lot And probably because of that combination I then developed a deep vein thrombisis. I'll tell you more about my story in the video below. 


My Focus Challenge


My big challenge for this year originally was to try and win the national 24 hour time-trail championships, which are held in schropshire. Because of DVT I couldn’t do that, But if not the national, why not the world championships? They’re in November in California, in the sunshine. And it’s in the desert. It will be really hot during the day, really cold at night, And I really look forward to that. Check out my Instagram profile to follow my challenges. 

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Meet my bike: The Focus Izalco Chrono


"The bike is the most important part of my challenges. If the bike’s not comfortable I can forget about it. I can feel strong, I can feel healthy, and up for a challenge. But comfort becomes more and more important the longer the distance. I like to think that the bike actually needs to be better than me. That gives me the confidence to get the job done."


BEAT YOUR SCREEN TIME: 06.06. - 03.07.2022