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>> News - 6th December 2023 <<

Trailsurfers Baden-Württemberg just hit PayDirt

Trailsurfers Baden-Württemberg just hit PayDirt

Trailsurfers Baden-Württemberg has just secured a $20,000 grant for their upcoming projects, thanks to PayDirt!

As PayDirt member, we are thrilled that the project of the Trailsurfers Baden-Württemberg stood out among the rest. We concratulate on the extra funding.

PayDirt has chosen 19 new projects to receive funding. These new PayDirt projects – from trail building mentorship programs to youth-focused pumptrack events to BIPOC micro-grant programs to iconic trail networks – are stand-out additions to the program's pledge to create and strengthen opportunities to get more people on bikes.

The PayDirt program now helps fund 55 projects across eight different countries, and these numbers will continue to grow every year.

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