The IZALCO MAX Team AG2R scored 5 out of 5 stars at bikeradar. The testers were greatly impressed by the sublime handling and the smoothness of the IZALCO MAX Team AG2R and commended that it is equipped to perfection. Their recommendation: Buy it, if you want one of the very, very best race frames wrapped in some of the best kit.

“We weighed a painted 54cm frame including bottle cage bolts at 720g – very, very light.”

“So, light is good, but what of the ride? Well, the Izalco Max remains an absolute joy. Its ultra-light chassis means that it requires minimal steering input to get it to go where you want. It may look slender, weedy even, compared with some of its rivals, but from the saddle it’s resolutely solid, unerring through the fastest bends and the steepest bumpy descents.”

“This Izalco also climbs superbly, its low weight helping you to get out of the saddle and attack. The position is long and low, but the bar’s compact drop means you’re not overly stretched when you’re ready to gun it. The smooth manner in which the Max copes with ragged road surfaces also makes this a genuine pro-level race bike that’s very easy to live with day by day.”

“There’s little we can fault about the Izalco Max. It’s a genuinely great ride and we’d change nothing about the equipment. It goes without saying that it's far from cheap, but worth keeping in mind that other brands would probably charge a few hundred pounds or dollars more for a similar spec.”

Verdict: Mechanically geared race bike perfection, with a smoothness that makes it easy to warm to.

You can read the full test report here.

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