Due to the recent developments related to the coronavirus outbreak we will pause our Beat Your Screen Time challenge and Stop Watching. Start Riding. campaign for an indefinite period.

We don’t want to risk anyone’s health. We will restart motivating you when life is back to normal. Please follow your government’s guidelines. Stay healthy.

Win a bike Win a bike

Win a bike

Challenge yourself: Ride 20 hours or more in the next four weeks and reduce your screen time accordingly. As a reward you will get the exclusive Beat Your Screen Time badge and the chance to win a FOCUS bike. You can choose between a THRON², JAM and IZALCO MAX.

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Win a bike Win a bike

How we do it at FOCUS

We also want to beat our screen time. Follow us to see how we change our behaviour.


Mario Pöss

Lead Design Engineer

Avg. screen time: 11 h per week

Favourite bike: JAM²

Tactic: Going on a bike holiday

„On the weekend, my family is in charge of what we do, but maybe there will be some time slots to ride my bike.”

"Spotify and Instagram are my main screen time drivers, but I can change that."

"Decreasing my 1.5 hours of daily screen time to 1 hour a day would be great. Riding 1 hour a day sounds possible."

"I will go on a bike holiday with my family."

Mathias Wälde


Avg. screen time: 14 h per week

Favourite bike: SAM

Tactic: Less gaming

"Finally a good reason to ride even more. Well, do I really need a reason?"

"Having a look at your screen time on your mobile phone makes you realise how much time you waste."

"I’m riding every day. Riding time won’t be a problem."

"I have a soft spot that nobody knows. A small, stupid game called ‘Gardenscapes‘."

Max Hilger

Content Manager

Avg. screen time: 15 h per week

Favourite bike: IZALCO MAX

Tactic: Screen time detox

"Riding 15 hours a week is impossible for me, but maybe I can do 8."

"I have to reduce my screen time drastically. Unreal …"

"Lunch rides and commutes will be key for me to reach my goal."

"Having a family means every minute counts. From now on there will be restrictions for using my phone. Never skip riding time."


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