Beat your screen time

No matter whether you grab your bike after work, ride every Sunday or commute by bike, we believe that cycling makes people happy. Riding makes you healthier, fitter and you will simply feel better afterwards. On the other hand, checking your phone every second isn't particularly healthy but consumes a lot of your valuable time. So why not use this time and ride instead. Kill two birds with one stone. You cannot check your phone while riding, right?

We believe that an average of one hour of cycling per day is possible for everyone. That is why we started the new Beat Your Screen Time challenge with the goal to ride 28 hours in four weeks. To motivate you we raffle one week of cycling holidays in Spain. Everyone who completes the BYST challenge is in the raffle – so grab your chance and win! How to start? Join the STRAVA FOCUS Bikes club and the BYST challenge and let’s go! And for those who really want to beat their actual mobile screen time we developed a special app to keep you on track. Check it out.



Get the BYST App

Why not go one step further and compare your riding time with your mobile phone screen time and even beat it? The BYST app always keeps you on track: It shows your screen and riding time in one graph. So you get a tool to compare your STRAVA riding time and your screen time without wasting time. Are you on track to ride 28 hours in four weeks? Great!

Do you want more? With the app you can even go for the really tough challenge: Beat your screen time for real! You can easily check if you are riding more than swiping with your phone. Always stay on track with the app. Do not waste your time on your phone. And now: go ride your bike!

How we do it

FOCUS team

Four of our colleagues are facing the real challenge: They want to beat their mobile screen time. What does that mean exactly? They want to ride more hours than they collect in their weekly screen time. Anja, Seppe, Colin and Ben share their stories, difficulties, suffering, good moments and tactics. We are excited to see who will make it!

weekly team recap

Get to know the FOCUS participants

anja Gertzen

Webcare Manager

Ben Gerold

Director Engineering and Project Management

Colin Pfister

Produktmanager Road

seppe Naessens

Design Engineer


Your turn:

share your BYST stories


Get your chance to win

We are giving away cycling time: If you rode 28 hours in four weeks and finished the BYST challenge, you get the chance to win one week of cycling holidays in Girona. You and your travel companion will spend one week in the Equipe guesthouse in Girona. We will care for the accommodation, food and your bikes – you just have to make the best out of the great riding opportunities around.

win a week in Girona
win a week
win a week

Girona is well-known for road cycling, but it also offers nice gravel roads and trails to all who want to discover the fields and mountains offroad. What are you waiting for: Finish the challenge and grab your chance to win coffee and good times under the warm Spanish sun.

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