Pushes boundaries: The ATLAS offers up to 47 mm tyre clearance and all mounting options for bikepacking adventures. Whether bad weather, demanding surface, steep climbs or long distances – the fast and comfortable gravel bike offers full control and maximum versatility. Wide handlebars with flare as well as disc brakes provide full control and comfort when riding the light and solid aluminium bike with a carbon fork. The ATLAS EQP models are already fully equipped with a rack, mudguard, stand and a light system. No matter the objective, the ATLAS fully supports your ride – even to the end of the world.

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4 Items

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The FOCUS ATLAS is not made for winning races, setting world records, or beating people.

It’s made to lose - lose your mind, lose track of time, to lose yourself

It’s for getting out in nature, having adventures, meeting people, and generally just having a great time

Technology & Design

The ATLAS is the allrounder amongst the allrounders and as diverse as the riders that are using it.

Our new gravel bike ATLAS pushes boundaries. Up to 47 mm tyre clearance and all mounting options for bikepacking adventures are making the ATLAS the missing piece in our portfolio between the endurance road bike PARALANE and the cyclocross racer MARES.

  • endurance geometry
  • lightweight and robust aluminium frame & full-carbon fork
  • short chainstays 425 mm, short stem
  • large tyre clearance
  • Shimano GRX groupset for stable and dependable shifting on any terrain


FOCUS ATLAS Gravelbike

The ATLAS comes with an aluminium frame and a carbon fork. Therefore it becomes very sturdy and is suitable for every purpose.


It is the favourite ATLAS part of engineer Ignacio: the smart yoke. This small part makes a nice routing of all cables possible at the rear and provides a lot of space for the tyres.



With its mounting points, the frame can fit our own designed fenders and rack perfectly. All bikes have these mounting points and some stock bikes have them already equipped.



To mount an 18 mm kickstand we offer a replacement drop out which offers the required mounting option.


short chainstay
Atlas tyre clearance

Super short chainstays are allowing the ATLAS rider to play around nicely on trails. On top, there is a short stem that delivers even more agility.



Extremely large clearance up to 47 mm tyres (650B compatible).





CIS Stem FOCUS Atlas

We developed our C.I.S. cockpit further for the ATLAS. Like that we took the integration of cables to the next level. Easy to use, safe and secure as well as aesthetically pleasing. The cables are routed from the bar directly into the head tube and ensure seamless shifting and a clean bar - important for everyone who wants to mount a handlebar bag.


AT THE FORK, you find points to mount a bottle cage or other stuff on the left and right side.

THE DOWN TUBE has two mounting options: one above and one below, the one below is for example nice for tools.

FRAME BAG SPACE: There is plenty of space and you can even choose the position for your bottle cage at the downtube.

A SADDLEBAG fits of course every bike. Not every bike allows a dropper post, the ATLAS does.

THE COCKPIT offers lots of space for your handlebar bag thanks to the flare of the bar and C.I.S.

OUR TOP TUBE BAG will be delivered with the ATLAS 6.8 and 6.9, it can be mounted easily.


To really provide a fitting solution for every wish, the ATLAS has mounting points on various parts of the frame. At the seat tube, you can attach one bottle cage, at the down tube we offer two mounting options. Rack, carrier, fenders and so on can be added to the fork and the rear. And yes! For the top tube, we offer a small special bag that comes with the 6.8 and 6.9 models.


Top Features

Road Boost Technology

Road Boost Technology

Our hub standard ROAD BOOST ensures optimal shifting, with minimal wear and noise for our E-road bikes. The bottom brackets of our E-road bikes are slightly wider due to the engines and thereby move out the chainrings. This makes the chainline less than ideal. Therefore, our ROAD BOOST hubs are wider as well and line up the cassette with the chainrings, so the chain runs perfectly again. At the same time, the wider hubs provide additional stiffness to the wheels, and as a result a better riding performance and higher durability.