When long adventure trips are waiting for you, the AVENTURA² is your perfect companion. With rack, fenders, lighting system, and kickstand, the world is your oyster and thanks to 100 mm suspension forks and mountain bike tyres, the AVENTURA² goes far beyond city limits. This e-trekking bike is available in a wave or diamond frame shape and features a powerful Bosch Performance CX e-drive as well as a battery with a capacity of up to 750 Wh. By adding a DualBattery or a PowerPack, you can also have up to 1,475 Wh (not possible for size S). Smart features like the USB-C port extend your bike experience even further as your smartphone or navigation system never runs out of energy. There is so much to discover around you. Don't worry, just explore more.


3 Items

3 Items

Awakens your inner explorer

Far beyond
FOCUS AVENTURA² mit 750 Wh Batterie

With its powerful Bosch Performance CX (Gen.4) e-drive with up to 750 Wh, the FOCUS AVENTURA² offers a maximum range. The battery is elegantly integrated into the down tube and can be removed for charging.



Fully equipped
Mit Gepäckträger, Schutzblechen, Ständer und Licht steht dir die Welt offen

Whether your trip lasts several days or you simply have to transport a lot: with its robust rack, high-quality aluminium fenders, stand and bright headlight, the AVENTURA² is just as ready for trips as it is for urban cargo rides. The pannier rack is designed so that the bags do not leave any paint damage.

C.I.S. 30° stem
Alle Kabel verlaufen durch des komfortablen C.I.S. 30°-Vorbau integriert

Comfortable and stylish: All cables (brakes, gears) are carefully routed through the stem. This gives the AVENTURA² a clean look. The 30° stem makes the bike super comfortable.

High standard approval
150 kg-Freigabe und Anhängerfreigabe an der Steckachse

We approve the AVENTURA² for a system weight (rider, bike and accessories such as backpack, etc.) of up to 150 kg. It also has a trailer approval for the thru-axle. This means that our e-bikes are approved for a much higher standard than is usual in the industry and enable even more people to ride our bikes.

Erste Skizze des E-Hardtails FOCUS AVENTURA².

With the FOCUS AVENTURA², the way to your destination becomes fun – whether to work or on your next trip into the countryside. The geometry of the e-all-rounder is adapted to your high demands for everyday suitability and comfort.


Bike Classification

Type of bicycle (examples): Trekking & Gravel bikes

Description: Applies to bicycle and EPACs and includes Condition 1 as well as unpaved and gravel roads and trails with moderate gradients. In this set of conditions, contact with irregular terrain and loss of tyre contact with the ground may occur. Drops are intended to be limited to 15 cm or less.


Technical support for the aventura²








Dimensions / Standards



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