These four guys are ready to send it. They are fearless, fast and French. Together they are travelling the world, pushing their limits and supporting each other in any situation. Not only does the ride unite them, but it is also being outdoors in nature and sharing happiness and excitement with your friends. Out of this companionship and to celebrate their friendship, founding the 404 crew was the just the right next step on their journey. Now, they want to share their love for the ride with all of us. Because you don’t need to win a race to feel happy. All you need is a good day on the trail with your buddies.


Ride together. Ride beyond.

Riding mountain bikes over big jumps and on steep trails is the passion of the 404 crew. They ride enduro and trail bikes, with and without e-drives. They realised that the excitement and fun of riding extend to the max if you share it with friends, mountain bike fans and even strangers. That is why they immediately felt attached to FOCUS` idea of Ride together. Ride beyond. Here they tell their stories of riding together and riding beyond.

The bike of their choice