The JAM is made for your inner child. With its playful and intuitive character, you get the most fun out of every ride. The geometry is well-balanced for your rides in tough terrain: An agile handling merges with a lot of safety resources of the chassis providing confidence in rough downhills. 150 mm of suspension and the progressive chassis will handle all trails you want to shred. The JAM adds more downhill fun to your ride over all mountains. Do you still want more? Switch with the FLIP CHIP towards an even more downhill-oriented geometry. Smart details like our C.I.S. stem with integrated cable routing and different tool bag solutions top off your JAM's clean look and feel.


4 Items

4 Items

The JAM is your ticket back to the times when nothing was important but to play with your friends...
What it takes to release your inner child:

The JAM is our 150 mm all-mountain trail fully. With its playful and intuitive character, you get the most fun out of every ride. Agile and direct handling merges with a lot of safety resources of the chassis providing confidence and joy on any downhill. You are perfectly seated in the middle of the mountain bike to control any situation and to easily pedal up all the steep hills on your ride.

. A geometry to have fun
JAM geometry

The new JAM is a consistent further development of its predecessor without losing the true nature of the JAM family. Having the THRON now as little sibling, we had the chance to make the JAM a bit more downhill-oriented. To put it plainly, the head angle became much slacker and is now 65° or 65,5° (with FLIP CHIP geo adjust). But the short fork rake of 44 mm makes it still easy to steer and play.

To enhance the uphill performance, we changed the seat tube angle to 76° or 76,5° (FLIP CHIP geo adjust). As a notable remark, we measure the seat tube angle with a seating height of 750 mm to show the real seat tube angle.

The steeper seat tube angle made it necessary to change the reach. The reach now measures 450 or 455 mm (FLIP CHIP geo adjust) in size M. It grew in comparison to its predecessor from 10 mm (size S) to 45 mm (XL). This bigger reach offers more room to move and stabilizes the bike at high speed. All these changes made the JAM a true all-mountain bike, feeling at home on any trail.

. features to not worry about anything
8. series
JAM features JAM features
6. series
JAM features JAM features

As F.O.L.D. stands for FOCUS Optimized Linkage Design, the optimization never stops. The update of our F.O.L.D. offers more progression and adapts to the latest shock development.

New position

The main and guide link changed positions which results in a horizontal orientated shock. This means there is a lot more space in the front triangle of the new JAM to mount a big bottle and our tool bag.

Lower standover

Another huge advantage of the positioning is that the new JAM has a lower standover giving you more room to move when riding technical trails.

Strong progression

The JAM's kinematics changed from two phases to one that is completely progressive. The strong progression is key to a great riding experience giving you feedback from the trail and strong bottom-out resistance.


Additionally, the shock extension is mounted via bearings to create the most sensitive suspension you can imagine. The updated F.O.L.D. on the new JAM gives you the confidence to control any trail no matter how fast you ride.


The FLIP CHIP at our JAM's linkage can be used to adjust the geometry to an even more aggressive riding style.

Geometry adjustment

Different riders have different preferences, and different trails can call for a different setup. We want our JAM to fit your riding style and trails.

From nimble ...

For nimble handling on playful trails, leave the FLIP CHIP on ‘HIGH’ position and it gives you great agility.

To high stability

You like it rough and tough and your trails around the corner are nasty, switch onto ‘LOW’.

More downhill

The small adjustment of the head angle from 65,5° to 65° changes your whole set-up of the JAM making it even more downhill-oriented.

C.I.S. stem

The specially developed C.I.S. (Cockpit Integration Solution) design makes the JAM's cockpit look super clean and ensures constantly seamless shifting and braking.

Internal cable routing

All cables run from the handlebar into the stem and through the headset into the frame of the JAM.

Seamless shifting

The cables run over the handlebar allowing a big radius to ensure that your mechanical shifting and the dropper post always work.

Fully adjustable

You can fully adjust your handlebar and the brake lever positions to your needs. The low position of the handlebar is following the performance-oriented ergonomics of the JAM.

I.C.S. (8. series)

I.C.S. stands for Internal Compartment Solution and is our way to smartly integrate your necessities into the carbon frame of your JAM 8. series.

All your essentials

An integrated tool bag that fits your essentials for the ride is tightly attached within your down tube but can be taken off if necessary.

Stored internally

The cover on top of the down tube protects the tool bag from dirt and makes the bike look clean. The cover easily opens up by pressing a button and you are ready to get your gear.

Tool bag (6.series)

Every JAM 6. series comes with an exactly fitting tool bag for your essentials.

Perfectly placed

The tool bag sits perfectly aligned in the angle of the top and down tube of the aluminium frame and is screwed to the down tube.

All your essentials for the ride

The tool bag can take a tube, tool and pump or CO2 cartridge. Or whatever small essentials you need on your ride.

No rattling

With a velcro strap mounted on the base plate of the tool bag, you can fix your gear to avoid rattling.

. And your favourite playground
"For me, the JAM is the perfect allrounder. I enjoy my hometrails just as really tough trails. With the new JAM, you have more control, a super direct handling and more fun."

Fabian Scholz, Lead Engineer

Fabian Scholz Fabian Scholz

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Type of bicycle (examples): All-Mountain bike

Description: Applies to bicycle and EPACs and includes Condition 1, 2, and 3, or downhill gradients on rough trails at speeds less than 40 km/h, or both. Jumps are intended to be less than 120 cm.


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